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The DZScholar is a simple nonprofit initiative that believes in helping students in 3rd world countries who are deprived of opportunities to read and research, or completely out priced by traditional industries. Our mission is to get our users the answers they need and they can trust. We provide you free search results and links to very rich and varied scientific resources, and the time saving philosophy of metasearch is so important to us. it compiles all the best results in one easy-to-access place!

At DZScholar, we hope to bring together the best that the Internet has to offer to students.


We do not store any files on our servers, we only index, search or link to content provided by other sites. We do not reserve any rights to, nor claims copyright to any material names listed on these pages or returned through our search engine / crawlers. All references are copyright to their respective owners.

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The free service of such initiative, as DZScholar, requires great effort and time (about 2-3 hours each day) and is entirely dependent upon the work of volunteers. Therefore, we would be grateful for any help in supporting and developing DZScholar projects. We often get asked, "What's the best way to help?" Our answer is simple: There are many ways you can help us, the best one is by staying right where you are and spread about our projects, so simple !
If you enjoy our services and you think it's a valuable resource to the scientific community in ourcountries, you can send your contribution to the Bitcoin address:


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If you have any questions, comments, quote, issues, ideas, or feature requests, feel free to contact us directly by Email to: dzscholar@gmail.com . We are also available on Facebook , you can drop us a line on one of our accounts. We try to respond to all enquiries as quickly as we can.